Smart NeuroCam




The Smart NeuroCam, developed by GST, is a smart camera integrating our NeuroFPGA and an Aptina sensor. Thanks to its advanced technology this camera has the potential to recognize anything in real time.







  • Customizable by the users
  • Adaptable to all fields of application
  • Object/Human Tracking available (in option)



  • 14 totally configurable I/Os (more I/Os on special requests)
  • Unequalled Performance / Power Consumption ratio for a smart camera



  • 1,024 neurons for a quasi-unlimited knowledge base
  • Up to 100 MHz sampling
  • Capable of multi signal processing
  • 80,000 recognitions per second thanks to the NeuroFPGA
  • All the knowledge created can be ported to multiple Smart NeuroCam



Datasheet is available upon request.